How To Prepare For A Podcast Interview

Preparing for a podcast interview is very important not just for the podcaster but for the guest as well. It takes two to tango and this is what makes a great podcast. Podcasting is great when both the podcaster and the guest are very cooperative and responsive to one another.

Podcast interviews are really complex in nature since it involves recording a conversation and usually, these conversations are unedited. This means that the podcast has to flow consistently and both the podcaster and guest should be cooperative.

How the podcaster should prepare for the podcast interview:

1. Choose the right guest

The advantage of the podcaster is that they can choose which guests to podcast. It is important to pick a guest that would be beneficial for the podcast and not do the podcast harm. Podcasting is like building a brand which is why a podcaster has to really look into which guests would work best for the podcast.

2. Do background research

Make sure the podcaster is well equipped on the subject of the podcast. If the topic is about tech or the podcaster is interviewing a tech-savvy person, it is important to do diligent research. If the podcaster does not know, it is important to ask instead of making things up.

3. Study the guest

It is important to study the guest before starting the interview. It is okay to have notes as long as everything is fact-checked. Getting wrong information, although sometimes inevitable, can have a wrong effect on the podcast. If the podcaster is not able to dig up enough information about the guest, having a general profile as well as asking the right questions could still work. Still, the more the podcaster knows about the guest, the better.

4. Determine how the guest can entertain the audience

It is important to make sure that the guest stays on topic and talks about things that the audience could be interested in and not technically just what the guest wants to talk about. Having a fair balance of what the guest wants to talk about and what the audience wants to hear is very important.

5. Write down questions in advance

Always prepare for the interview, write down questions made specifically for the guest and not just general questions. Generic questions are quite dull and they usually aren’t that interesting even to the guest themselves. Make sure to ask questions directly about the guest.

The podcaster is only half of the interview; the other half is the guest. This is why it is extremely important for the guest to prepare as well. If both the podcaster and the guest is ready for the interview, this would result in a well-rounded interview that is both entertaining and informative.

How the guest should prepare for the podcast interview:

1. Clarify which topics to cover and which to avoid

To steer clear of anything that the guest might not want to talk about, it is important to clarify everything before actually starting the podcast. Podcasting, in general, is still unpredictable and this is why clarification should be done before starting the podcast instead of avoiding the questions while the podcast is ongoing.

2. Be in good condition for the podcast

It is important to be physically and mentally prepared for the podcast. Podcasting unprepared, tired, or just not in the right mindset would result in a rather dull podcast. Getting enough sleep, drinking enough water, or even just eating a good meal before the podcast, and even just being in a positive mood would be the best way to prepare.

3. Also allow the podcaster to share

Instead of a formal interview, the podcast could be a very interesting conversation for both parties. A podcaster that treats the podcast like a conversation will most likely make the most out of the podcast. The more organic the podcast feels, the better it will be for both the guest and the podcaster.

4. Learn about the podcast

The podcast can also turn the podcast around by questioning the podcaster about previous guests, previous topics, or previous statements that have been made in the podcast. This would also allow the guest to learn more about the podcast, the podcaster, and the goal of the podcast itself.

5. Handle the podcast professionally

Whatever happens, handle the podcast professionally. If there is a topic that the guest does not talk about, respectfully decline. If the podcaster makes a statement that the guest doesn’t like, respectfully disagree. Clarify questions, points, and other statements to avoid misunderstanding.

It is important to make sure that the podcaster and the guest are a perfect fit. Chemistry for both parties is essential to come up with the perfect podcast material. Good podcasting is when both the podcaster and the guest get along pretty well and engage in an interesting conversation. The better the connection is for both sides, the better the podcast will turn out.

Podcast interview tips

There are a few tips to make the podcast instantly better with the podcaster and guest both working together.

Find common ground

It is important to find something personally relatable for both the podcaster and the guest. These can be topics ranging from sports, movies, music, and more. Once the podcaster and the guest have found a relatable topic, this will result in a really engaging podcast.

Give each other time to talk

Like a regular conversation, a podcast is about give and take. This means that the podcaster and guest need to allow each other to share their opinions on certain topics.

Ask why the other party disagrees

When the other party disagrees, it is important to ask why and not just argue. Try resolving issues peacefully and respect each other’s opinions instead of trying to be right all the time.

When the podcast is over, the important thing is that both the podcaster and the guest are satisfied with the podcast. Make sure that at the end of the podcast, there are no regrets and that the podcast ends on a good note.

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