The simplest editing tool for transcribers

What if word-for-word transcription could be done with a few clicks? We pack our sophisticated tool with simplicity making it easier for transcribers to use.


The go-to tool of professional transcribers. Get hours and hours of workload done in only a matter of time.


Captivate your audience with accurately transcribed transcripts leaving the manual work to the AI. Focus on what matters: your creative mind. 


Audio to text. Interview to script. This tool is built to instantly transcribe any conversation while auto-labelling each speaker. Keep the emotions, the tone, the content as real as it happens.



Not a competition. Definitely an ENHANCEMENT. AI technology doesn't strip off opportunities from hard-working human beings but offers the necessary boost for better, more efficient, and faster results.

Features that lessen your workload


Transcribe multiple audio files all at once. Receive a notification when your files are ready. No need to waste time in front of your computer

Auto-save on cloud

Don't worry about losing progress even when the internet is suddently interrupted. Everything is automatically saved on secured cloud.

Word-audio synchronisation

Words and audio go hand-in-hand instantly adjusting with every edit.

Realtime text editor

Edit your transcripts on the go, on the same page, at the same instant. The same editor you have on Word, as easy as pie

Speaker labeling

Automatic indentification of speakers. Speaker labels are customized at will and applied in bulks. 

Automatic timestamp

Never lose sight of where you are. Timestamps is automatically adjusted as you edit the transcription


As the text is highlighted where the audio is playing, it's easy to put yourself in the right context for more accurate transcription


Punctuations are automatically added to the end of a sentence, lessening your workload

AI confidence alert

Know how confident the AI tool is in its transcription. Focus on the least confident words to save time