The 2021 Transcription & Captioning Guidelines

About this Ebook

While we support the users of, we have received many questions like:

- How to use punctuations and symbols in the transcripts?

- How to label the speakers?

- How to transcribe in case of false starts, inaudible words?

- What is the difference between Verbatim and Intelligent Verbatim?


Most of the time, our users are quite confused about the rules applied to their transcripts because each service providers like GoTranscript, TranscribeMe, Rev, Scribbr, Verbit, Opal Transcription, GMR... have their own set of rules. Some rules coincide, some are totally opposite. This fact makes the work of transcribers and captioners much harder and slower, especially when they want to switch from one company to another.

That's the reason why our team has spent a lot of time compiling, comparing every common rule of transcription, captioning, and editing them into a COMPLETE GUIDELINES FOR TRANSCRIPTION & CAPTIONING IN 2021.

This Ebook is not perfect, but we believe that it includes everything you need to know to execute your job as a professional. Fill this form below if you want to receive this Ebook.


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