8 Things To Consider In Looking For Your Podcast Guest

Finding the perfect guest for the podcast can be quite hard at times since having unknown or uninteresting guests on the podcast might not do anything to help the podcast. Podcasting, in general, with just the podcaster talking all the time can be quite dull at times which is why having a guest to interview can be very beneficial for the podcast.

Some podcasts are made along with the setup that the podcaster would always have a guest on board to ask questions and talk to. The different perspectives that the guest would provide also add flavor to the podcast in general. Since the conversation really depends on the guest and the podcaster, the interesting mix, and raw conversation make for an organic podcast which the audience would appreciate more than a scripted one.

Here are 8 things to consider when looking for the perfect podcast guest:

1. What type of guest?

It is important to specify what type of person would be a perfect guest for the podcast.

  • A professional with credentials

  • A public figure

  • A celebrity

  • A renowned author

  • A coach

  • A trainer

  • An educator

  • A musician

  • An artist

  • Another podcaster

If the podcaster is more topic-oriented, finding specifics might be a better idea.

  • An expert in a specific field

  • Someone with a unique point of view

  • Someone who has a strong or controversial opinion

2. Will the guest appeal to the target audience?

It is important that the podcaster put himself in the shoes of the audience instead of what they want. It is important that the podcaster makes content that the audience likes instead of what they want. Interacting with the audience and personally asking what they want to see next is also a great way to build a conversation with the audience. The podcaster should try podcasting certain themes until they finally find the perfect one for their podcast.

3. Does your guest have a following?

The larger the following the guest might have, the more beneficial it will be for the podcaster. For podcasters starting out that have connections to people with large followings, inviting them on the podcast would be the best way for the podcast to be able to gain attention from an untapped audience.

4. Is it your guest’s first time to be on a podcast?

Experience is actually very important when it comes to podcasting. If a guest does not have much experience with podcasts or interviews, the first podcast might not be perfect. Podcasting or being interviewed is also a skill where people can improve on through time. If the podcaster is a bit inexperienced, having a more experienced guest could also be a great learning experience.

5. The guest’s personality

It is important to assess the guest and see if they would be a good fit with the podcast. Sometimes, guests tend to get off-topic or might self-promote too much and this could be bad for the podcast. Aside from this, it is important to find a guest that is well-mannered especially for a live podcast.

6. Can the guest also help promote the podcast itself?

It is important to make sure that the guest is also willing to promote the podcast to their very own subscribers and audience. This is the best way for the podcaster to get more attention and for the podcaster to be better recognized by the potential audience. Cross-promotion is a very important way for both the podcaster and the guest to benefit from the podcast.

7. Is the guest open to certain topics the podcast wants to cover?

Sometimes, podcasters can ask controversial or personal questions. For some guests, this may be okay but for others, this might not be the case. Although compromising is fine, sometimes the guest might not want to cover the exact topics that the podcast itself is built to tackle. This would then mean that the podcast would be useless since the podcaster can’t focus on certain topics.

8. Does the podcaster and guest have a connection?

It is important for both the podcaster and the guest to have a connection in order for the podcast to go smoothly. Even if the podcaster has the perfect guest, if they do not have a connection, the podcasting process could still be really complicated. For a really fruitful podcast, it is important that both the podcaster and the guest have good chemistry and can work together seamlessly.

Aside from considering these eight different things, it is also important to do the podcast when the guest is also in good shape. Showing up or being ready for the podcast interview is very important and if the guest is not able to maintain professionalism, this could result in a very messy podcast.

Podcasting with uncooperative guests

Sometimes, the guests won’t be cooperative until the podcaster is able to hit the sweet spot or find a topic that both parties are interested in. It is also important to make the guest comfortable with the podcast which is why the podcaster can start off with light topics that would get them to be more comfortable with the podcast.

Once the guest is more comfortable talking about deeper topics, the podcaster can push just a little further to get juicy information that would be good for the podcast. Without being able to strike a common ground with the podcaster, the podcasting process could be very messy. Once the podcaster is able to find common ground with the guest, the podcast could finally start to get interesting.

If the podcaster is able to build rapport with the guest, the guest might even reveal some juicy information which can then, later on, be used to promote the podcast. Getting small snippets of the podcast and uploading them as blogs or other materials is a great way to promote the podcast online. Transcribing the juicy segments into text then uploading them, later on, is a great way to promote the podcast online.

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