10 Engaging Interview Questions To Ask Your Podcast Guest

When staging a podcast interview, it is important to ask the right questions to your guest in order to not waste the opportunity and have a really engaging podcast. Podcasting in itself can get quite dull without interviews or guests which is why having an interesting personality on the podcast can be very beneficial for the podcaster.

The big problem is if the podcaster is not able to ask the right questions which would result in a wasted opportunity no matter how interesting the person being interviewed is. Just like a journalist, the podcaster should be professional, factual, interesting, and most of all, respectable in order for the podcast to be a well-received podcast.

Here are 10 engaging interview questions to ask the podcast guest:

1. What are lessons you know now which you wish you knew earlier?

It is always important to ask questions that the audience wants to hear and this is why the podcaster must be equipped with the right notes to ask the guest. Aside from success stories, asking what they wished they knew earlier can help the audience get a picture of what they learned in order to attain the guest’s success.

2. What is your biggest failure?

This is a great way to get personal as a good number of successful people like to look back at their previous failures and remember how hard it was but they were still able to make it. Learning the biggest failure of these guests allows the podcasting process to give audiences a look into what it takes to make it and how relatable the guests are.

3. What advice would they give?

While this is very similar to the first question on the list, this approach would allow the guest to talk directly to the audience, making the podcast more relatable. The podcaster can open doors to make the podcast something that really resonates with the audience. The increased emotional engagement from the audience would result in a better podcast.

4. What help did you get and how would the audience get similar help?

For fans of the guest, providing tips on how to get the resources that the guest has had will be a very insightful topic. Aside from just experiences or real life situations, asking their inspirations like books or what/who do they listen to. Learning where the guest gets their strength could also be good for the podcaster themselves.

5. Who influenced you?

It is important to ask the guest who they look up to and who has influenced them. More importantly, the podcaster has to ask how these influences have influenced the guest and what they were able to take from their influences. Lessons can be passed on and what helps people learn faster is learning from the lessons of others.

6. Misconceptions about your field

This question is good to ask since it allows the guest to reveal certain facts about themselves that the audience might not know. What could work is if the podcaster would do some research regarding what misconceptions does the world have about them. Asking guests about misconceptions about the field gives the audience the opportunity to know the reality behind these misconceptions.

7. What are your upcoming projects?

Talking about future projects or what the audience should look out for is always a good topic since it allows the guest to get excited talking about what they want to talk about. Aside from just professionally related projects, the podcaster can also ask what personal projects the guest is working on, like new hobbies they picked up or are exploring.

8. What does the guest want to improve on in their lives?

Instead of asking the guest what their weaknesses are, which is not really a good approach, the podcaster can ask the guest what they want to improve on. This would allow the guest to talk about their weaknesses in a positive light which would make things lighter for not only the guest but also the audience. This is a great way for the guest to share their hardships without having to focus too much on them.

9. Where can the audience connect with you?

Generally, guests might have different places for them to be reached especially when it comes to topics that interest them. This would also be a good time for the guest to promote themselves as well. Generally, this is actually one of the reasons why guests agree to do podcasts in the first place so it is important to give this segment the recognition it deserves.

10. Ask a question that promotes the podcast

Try to be creative with this segment. If the podcast talks about open-mindedness, ask them why they think open-mindedness is important. This could be a signature question that could be asked again and again with every audience that the podcast gets. Having this question allows the podcast to have some form of consistency no matter who the guest is.

Interviewing guests on a podcast should be taken with much effort since cross-promotion actually works really well. The good thing about having guests is that they allow the podcast to gain more audience depending on the guests. Sometimes, the guest’s followers would end up following the podcast and become permanent audiences as well.

Finding guests that also relate to a certain theme is also very important since this would allow the audience to expand little by little instead of slowly losing users due to confusion. Podcasting with a certain theme is a really good way to gain a solid audience. Sometimes, the constant shift in themes can make the podcast audience confused which could result in them losing interest.

Surprises are good but when it happens every time, this will have a negative effect on audiences since they might not be getting what they expected. It is important to give the audience what they expect and more. The moment that the podcast is able to satisfy what the audience is looking for, the podcaster can then venture further. This is where the quality of the podcast improves.

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