How To Launch Your Own Podcast

Starting is oftentimes one of the hardest parts since it can be very confusing and there might be a lot of things that need to be done during the launch itself. While some people think that launching a podcast is as easy as recording a podcast and uploading it, there are actually a lot of things that need to be done before publishing the podcast.

The pre-production stage is one of the most important parts of podcasting since this is a huge factor that would determine the reach of the podcast itself. The podcaster has to be ready for a lot of work before actually uploading the podcast itself.

Think of it this way, when making a house, the most important part is the foundation which sometimes takes half of the time of setting up the house itself. The stronger the foundation, the better the house will be and the more room there will be for growth.

Pre-production podcast research

One of the most tiresome parts of launching the podcast, aside from making the podcast itself, is researching how the best launch would be. The podcaster has to know what are the best ways to launch the podcast in order for it to get the most reach, be more visible to new viewers, and is positioned somewhere where people would like to watch.

Podcasting requires a lot of groundwork before even getting started. Once the podcaster has done his due research and has found the most efficient and effective way to do certain things, it is important to make a checklist to follow before launching the podcast. Once everything is completed, this is when the podcaster can finally start podcasting.

Podcast checklist to follow

Follow this checklist before launching the podcast to make sure to achieve optimal results when it comes to podcast reach.

1. Spread the podcast to major podcast directories

There are a lot of different podcast directories online and it is important to include yourself in those directories. These directories specifically target those people that regularly listen to podcasts. The good thing about podcast directories is that there is already an audience looking for a podcast that interests them.

Basically, when the podcast is starting, it is usually rare for the podcast to automatically have a following. One easy way for the podcast to gain a following is to properly spread the RSS to different major podcast directories.

2. 3 episodes should be ready

At the start of the podcast, it is important to have at least 3 podcasts readily available. The problem with just one podcast is that although the podcast might be quite lengthy, this won’t be enough to feed the listener’s interest. Having at least 3 episodes ready during launching will allow the listeners to have other things to listen to aside from just one episode.

When starting a podcast, having a good amount of content is very important since this would allow the audience to browse through the different episodes. This also increases the chances of the podcast being easily streamed as the audience can watch one after another.

3. Have a professional podcast website

Although most people view podcasts on social media or other popular podcast platforms, having a podcast website is still very important. Aside from being another place where the podcast can be seen, there are a lot of benefits to having a website. One particularly important benefit is the image that it gives viewers.

With a legitimate podcast, viewers will more likely take what is being said in the podcast itself. It is important for the podcast to look professional and high quality instead of being a sketchy podcast. Podcasting is well-received depending on the podcaster’s way of showing themselves.

4. Teasers and advertising

Teasers and advertising before the podcast itself increase the buzz around the podcast. When podcasting, it is important to take into account that the content might not be enough to hook the audience to the podcast. The initial success of the podcast usually depends on how well the podcast is promoted.

Before even starting, releasing teasers, trailers, and another advertising material is very important. Make sure to spread the promotional material in order to get more people potentially interested in the podcast.

5. Social media strategy

Depending on where the podcast is uploaded, to a page or to the podcaster’s account, the account or page has to be properly promoted on social media. Aside from the main account, make sure to set up potential aggregators like friends that can share the podcast itself.

Depending on the podcaster’s budget, paying for ads or for a famous person to share the podcast could actually be a good way to share the podcast. There are also other groups that the podcast might be in line with which can be used to promote the podcast itself.

6. Prepare to be consistent

Even before the podcast has launched, it is good to have at least a picture of what the next podcast will be like. When promoting the podcast online, it is very important to be consistent and release content on a regular basis for the audience to consistently be interested in the podcast.

Podcasting does take up quite a chunk of time which is why it is important to plan the podcast out from the start, which part of the week is the podcaster more comfortable working on the podcast, when will the podcast be aired, and when can the podcast be planned out. It is important to not make a ridiculously impossible schedule but rather an attainable one.

Launching a podcast may not necessarily take up a chunky piece of the podcaster’s time but once done right, the promotional side of the podcast will be easier to do. When starting out a podcast, the podcaster might find it hard to tap into the right audience right away. However, with good planning and a strategic release, the podcast will have a few advantages that would result in a really solid podcast launch in the end.

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