10 Ways to Promote Your Podcast and Grow Your Audience

The podcasting game has definitely become even more competitive as podcasters start springing every once in a while. This makes things really hard for the podcaster because not only do they have to worry about their content, they also have to worry about how to successfully promote and grow their podcast as well.

While things have gone really competitive, as long as the podcaster is able to be smart about promoting their podcast, things should still fall in their favor. It is not just the quality of the content that the podcaster would put out that makes a difference; it is also how they put out their podcast.

Positioning is very important especially in modern times as not every podcast gets the amount of attention that it deserves. There are a few ways to position the podcast in a way that it is not just promoted properly but also sits in a very accessible place where new viewers or listeners can easily check the podcast out.

10 ways to promote a podcast

1. Make sure to launch 3 episodes immediately

The slow and steady process is not that good on SEO. For those new to the whole podcasting game, it would be better to upload the first three episodes right away since this would give search engines more content to search.

2. Social media promotion

Make sure to promote images, snips, maybe short articles or even quotations from the podcast on social media that teases new audiences. Make sure everything links to the full podcast.

3. Leverage the audience

Make sure the posts put out or the promotional content put out engages the audience. These could be done by asking questions or having a poll or anything that would solicit an opinion.

4. Have both audio and video podcasts

Uploading a video on YouTube of the podcast could be very good for the podcast since the YouTube SEO could help with the podcaster’s exposure. Having both an audio and video podcast is a good thing to have since it also gives the audience a choice.

5. Reach out to podcast aggregators

Just like other content aggregators, podcast aggregators promote the podcast that they find interesting. In the world of podcasting, these are very important when it comes to the growth of a podcast.

6. Transcribe the podcast

Having a transcription allows search engines to pick up the content of the podcast itself. Since search engines aren’t able to view videos, they rely on the text attached to it. Izitext is a great speech-to-text transcription tool that a podcaster can use to save money on a transcriptionist.

7. Have a rating party

This is where aggressive manpower has to be spent since the podcaster has to personally invite people to join the podcast. This would mean personally reaching out to friends and networks in order to manually get an audience.

8. Giveaway contest

Giveaway merch, throw prizes, host games, and other really smart moves can be done when starting out the podcast. The podcaster can give freebies in exchange for ratings.

9. Podcast partners

Helping other podcasters succeed is a great way for the success of the podcast to increase as well. Mentioning blogs, promoting businesses, reviewing things, and a few other techniques are great ways for cross-promotion to benefit the podcast.

10. Guest podcast

Having a guest on the podcast or being a guest on other people’s podcasts is a great way to increase the network of the podcast. Usually having a good guest would allow the podcaster to get recognized faster.

These ten techniques might not cover everything but it is a very good start especially for those podcasters that are still starting out. Instead of the podcaster tirelessly promoting their content inefficiently, it is better for them to focus their resources, energy, and attention on those methods that have proven to be effective.

When it comes to podcasting, the winners, or the popular podcasts, usually gobble up the smaller podcasts. However, it is still very possible to grow the podcast with the right tricks and techniques. One thing that a podcaster really has to acknowledge is that when starting out, it is okay not to have unlimited resources. Learn which particular parts of the podcast need more attention than others.

How do I get more listeners for my podcast?

In general, there are actually just three things that the podcaster has to worry about in order to make a successful podcast. Although the process might be quite complicated down the road, the important thing is when in one of the three phases, the podcaster must be able to achieve the maximum potential with what resources they have.

1. Quality of the podcast

Most mistakes that podcasters make are that they only talk about what they want to talk about and not what the audience wants to hear. Although the podcaster should obviously not talk about something they don’t really want to talk about, there should basically be a balance as to what the podcaster wants and what the audience wants.

2. Promotion

A good podcast won’t promote itself. Although it might be shared here and there, it is still up to the podcaster to make sure that the podcast is promoted properly online. Podcasting still involves branding and at first, people might just be in it for the content, but with the right promotion, the podcast brand itself will also be known making it easier to market future content.

3. Consistency

One success does not mean that the next podcasts are going to be successful just because. The podcaster still has to bring their A-game and regularly post new podcasts, especially when growing themselves.

One particularly useful tip for faster podcast growth is to engage with the audience. This means replying to comments, answering questions, and acknowledging the audience when they say something (especially in a live podcast). This naturally increases the chances of the podcast to grow and pick up as the audience themselves feel part of the podcast and that they aren’t just fans from afar.

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