6 Tips To Increase Your Podcast Engagement

While the amount of viewers a podcast has is important, it is also important that the audience stays engaged with the podcast in general. While the podcast success is usually measured on the number of views a podcast has, the true success of the podcast means also taking into factor how engaged the audience is with the podcaster.

Podcasting can be hard at times especially for those that are really trying to grow their podcast and maybe even make it as a professional podcaster. Becoming a professional podcaster means having a large and engaged audience and although this seems like a hard thing to do, it is still possible by going step by step.

Here are 6 ways to increase podcast engagement:

1. Reply to comments

Replying is the first way to increase podcast engagement. Although this could be tiring at times, the best way to get repeat viewers especially for starters is if the podcaster replies with the podcast audience. If the podcaster cannot reply to all of the commenters, it is important to prioritize those commenters that repeatedly engage with the podcast instead of those casual commenters that only engage once in a while.

The more a podcaster replies with the audience, the more the audience would feel like they are part of the podcast as a whole. The replies don’t have to be extremely long if the podcaster has limited time. Sometimes, when there are numerous comments, a simple react or like would do.

2. Mention commenters on the podcast

Giving shoutouts to insightful comments gives the audience incentives of intently viewing the podcast and making more comments to be noticed by the podcaster. Mentioning the names of the commenters also makes them feel recognized for their attentiveness to the podcast.

Quoting them would increase the engagement even more and would also encourage them to go back. Of course, do not overdo this part and make sure to only mention the commenters on things that do matter on the podcast. Also, giving a short shoutout could really help as well.

3. Discuss a conversation with the audience in the podcast

When the podcaster gets engaged with the audience and actually talks about the conversation on the podcast, this would encourage the audience to participate in the podcast even more. Taking a segment from the comment section and reacting to it could also be a good way to engage with the audience.

There are some podcasts wherein a segment talks about the commenters thanking them and also discussing certain things being said in the comment section. If there isn’t that much worth talking about, mention a few commenters and what they said but no need to delve in.

4. Have a commenter on the podcast as a guest

Having a guest from the comments you receive on the podcast is a good way to give the audience a chance to really have a conversation with the podcaster. This also makes other commenters and audiences think that if they engage even more, they will have a chance to be included in the podcast.

This segment doesn’t have to be too long and just a brief part of the podcast depending on how interesting the guest is. If the podcast has to focus on something else and the guest isn’t too good for the podcast, having just a few questions is enough.

5. Hold contests and give prizes

Holding contests for the audience and giving them prizes is a good way to get even more people engaged. Questions like “at what part was this word said” or other questions is a good way to keep the audience coming back. Questions paired with a good prize is enough initiative to get more viewers on board.

Prizes usually inspire people to engage and what’s good is that it inspires some of them to view the podcast again. The length of viewers is also important in contributing to the success of the podcast and to do so, asking questions that would require the viewers to rewatch the podcast is important.

6. Have the podcast shared to forums and communities

Sharing the podcast to certain forums and communities is a good way to get people talking about the podcast. Properly marketing the podcast to the right places generally increases engagement. Since forums and communities naturally talk to one another, promoting the podcast to them would increase the likelihood of the podcast engagement becoming better.

Podcasting isn’t complete without the right promotion and this is why the podcaster has to learn or have a team that would promote the podcast to the right places. Engagement comes when the audience is really invested in the podcast.

Increasing the chances of engagement

Increasing the total chances of engagement can be challenging especially if the podcaster does not have time to engage with all of the commenters and audience. The bigger the podcast gets and the podcast following naturally increases, the easier it will be for the podcaster to get engagement even without having to individually engage with the audience at all times.

The best way to increase podcast engagement is to focus on the podcast quality itself. The better the quality of the podcast, the more the audience will engage with the podcast by themselves. In the end, the first thing that the podcaster needs to focus on is the quality of the podcast.

It is important, however, that the podcaster does not end their journey with just the quality of the podcast since it is important that the podcast, in general, is entertaining enough for the audience to keep engaged. Podcasting takes up a whole spectrum of promoting, engaging, and most importantly, connecting with the audience.

The main reason why some podcasts are so successful is that they not only have entertaining topics, guests, and themes but are able to communicate in a way that really connects with their audience. The more in-depth a podcast is, the bigger the chances of the audience really engaging with the podcaster.

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