Why Your Video Must Have Transcription

Some people think that videos are more powerful than text which is why they believe that text is not needed anymore. Despite the thoughts of some, this isn’t entirely true. There are two factors that could affect this, namely the quality of the video, and how good the viewer is at listening and understanding.

When making a video, although focusing on the contents of the video is still the top priority, the one making the video should also consider how understandable the video is to those that watch it. If a video is too hard to understand, this could either make the video ineffective or could even turn off potential viewers.

There are a number of reasons why videos would need transcription. Aside from these two particular reasons, there are a few other reasons that are also very important.

1. Improve video readability

Video-making reportedly makes over 80% of the internet traffic and now, brands are all lost in the crowd. Back in the day, creating a video would take a lot of work which is why ads on the TV would get more attention and thus convert into better sales. However, as time flew by, making videos was getting easier and easier which is why today, we have an overload of ads left and right.

Due to the competition getting tougher and tougher, videos need to be top-notch and stand out amongst the rest. While video quality is important, another simple thing that the videomaker can do to improve video quality is to add subtitles through video transcription. However, transcribing a particular video would take time and this is why video makers should use a transcriptionist or maybe even a transcription tool in order to improve the quality of their videos.

2. Reach a wider audience

While videos are oftentimes expected to reach everyone, there is actually a not-so-niche market that cannot be reached by the video alone. They are those with hearing disabilities or problematic hearing. Though not a lot of people have hearing disabilities, the main fact that a video includes subtitles would give it a much better appearance.

Subtitles also entertain those that do not have good audio or are in a public place that makes understanding a video quite hard. With the use of transcription, viewers will be able to be understood no matter the surroundings or the audio quality. Although the fault could be where the viewer sees the video, the viewer won’t know the difference. Transcription is the best way that the video maker can reach a wider audience.

3. Improve SEO

There is no way for search engines to identify a video through viewing it and this is the main reason why transcription is important especially for those that like to focus on the number of views. The best way for a transcription to be done is through the work of a transcriptionist. When a transcriptionist would transcribe a video, the transcription can then be searched by Google or any other search engine to redirect interested viewers into the video.

The way SEO or search engine optimization works is by maximizing the potential of a given content in order to increase the chances of people viewing it. SEO is extremely important for those that like to focus on video views for profit or for commercial use. A lot of people spend a lot of money on SEO just to improve the views of their content. With a video, the videomaker can make a transcription with the use of a transcriptionist or use a transcription tool to get the video into pure text form.

As mentioned earlier, getting transcription is very important when it comes to videos. This can be done by getting a transcriptionist or using a transcription tool. There are pros and cons for both of the two choices. Video makers can either choose one or the other or maybe even switch up the mix every once in a while.

Benefits of getting a transcriptionist

With a transcriptionist on board, no matter how many videos made per week, there is always someone there to transcribe the video. Getting the right transcriptionist on board is also very important. While there are a lot of transcriptionists that would agree to do more work for cheaper, this does not always guarantee quality. This is why it is very important to scout for the right transcriptionist for your team.

There is also an option to outsource a transcriptionist through a project basis agreement. However, the cons of this are that the transcriptionist might not always be available or that the transcriptionist might decide to stop working with the video maker. This could cause huge problems later on. However, for those that prefer having less work and getting the transcription done as fast as possible, getting a transcriptionist is the best option.

Benefits of using a transcription tool

Using a transcription tool, however, is a very cost-effective decision especially when the video maker cannot afford to outsource a transcriptionist or if the video maker has other expenses to focus on. There are certain transcription tools that aren’t useful but there are also others that can be an essential part of the videomaker’s tools.

Izitext.io is one of the tools that offers very useful features like giving the user an estimate of accuracy in the text as well as timestamps. Timestamps are extremely useful especially when the transcription will be used in audio. With timestamps, subtitles can easily be done since the one making it can easily see which part of the video the text is supposed to be.

Do you make videos? Do you want to increase your engagement or effectively reach more people by using transcription? Let izitext.io do the transcription for you. Timestamps are automated so it won't be difficult to match the words with specific parts of the video. You can also easily edit the transcription because each word matches the corresponding part of the audio file. It will save you time and energy.

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