Why Automated Transcription Is The Gamechanger for Transcription Work

With the way technology has advanced today, there’s essentially a tool for almost any type of task online. Transcription is one of those fields that already have advanced technology when it comes to transcription tools capable of providing automated transcription. This does not really mean that the transcriptionist vocation, in general, will be replaced. However, a transcriptionist should learn how to utilize this technology in order to come up with automatic transcription.

Automated transcription changes the whole game and can make things better for the transcriptionist when used correctly. As of the moment, efficiency is the name of the game and this is why a transcriptionist should learn how to utilize the right transcription tool in order to come up with automated transcription that can be edited on.

Here are a few reasons why automated transcription is important:

1. Automated transcription saves time

This is the most obvious reason why automated transcription, through the use of a transcription tool, is important. Since most transcriptionists get paid per project, it is very important to come up with an efficient way to transcribe a particular piece of audio. Aside from the quality of the transcription, how fast a transcriptionist would transcribe a given project is also important.

Due to the influx of people working online, competition can be quite hard for the transcriptionist for it would take hours and hours just to make a single transcription. This is why transcriptionists have to come up with ways for them to transcribe in a more efficient manner through automated transcription. This can be achieved through the use of the right transcription tool.

2. A transcription tool allows the transcriptionist to edit easily

Aside from automated transcription, the use of the right transcription tool would allow the transcriptionist to edit and do everything in a single platform alone. This would save them the effort of having to go from platform to platform, software to software, for different functions.

Although the profession transcriptionist usually has more than one transcription tool, having a transcription tool with a lot of functions is a way for the transcriptionist to save time and effort in making a transcription. When a transcriptionist would transcribe a certain piece of audio, it is not just the audio and text file that they are working with, they would also need to put timestamps, replay the audio, cut into bits, and etc. There are a lot of things that a transcriptionist has to deal with and with the simplicity of a transcription tool, the number of facts they have to deal with could decrease.

3. Get ahead of the competition

While some transcriptionists out there are still trying to do things manually, with the right transcription tool, the transcriptionist can make faster and also more efficient work done. With the right transcription tool, the transcriptionist can even offer the client a few more easy add-ons like speaker identification, timestamps, and more. The good thing about this is that they are already automatically given on the right transcription tool itself.

Offering packages to clients adding a few things here and there could make the transcriptionist stand out. This also shows that the transcriptionist is knowledgeable in transcription work and could be a major plus point for the client. As a client, it would always be better to trust a transcriptionist that knows what they are doing instead of a transcriptionist where the client themselves has to walk the transcriptionist through everything.

4. Earn more

For the transcriptionist that gets paid per project, doing the project faster would mean they would be able to do more work in a given timeline. Since the transcriptionist needs to budget their time, using a transcription tool would allow them to allot less time on each project in order to cater more projects.

When working more efficiently, depending on how much time the transcriptionist can save using a transcription tool, the possibility of the transcriptionist earning twice or thrice what they previously used to earn goes up. This, of course, needs extreme efficiency and proper utilization of the given transcription tool.

5. Less Overwhelming

Finally, with the help of a transcription tool, the total workload will be less overwhelming. The most dreaded part that a transcriptionist has to go through is usually the beginning when there is no progress at all. The good thing about using a transcription tool for automated transcription is that the first step would be to simply input the audio file into the transcription tool then let it do the rest.

After the automated transcription is then made available, the transcriptionist can then easily navigate the transcription tool and edit away while adding additional details that the client might prefer like timestamps, speaker indications, and etc. Basically, there are a number of uses for a simple transcription tool and in the end, the transcriptionist will be able to experience an easier and lighter workload.

When picking out a transcription tool, it is important to note that a free transcription tool might be the worst choice. Some free transcription tools end up making the given text even harder to decipher and thus becoming a hindrance to the transcriptionist as opposed to additional help.

With the right transcription tool, however, the transcriptionist will be able to not only make the workload much easier but also allow the transcriptionist to accomplish more in the same amount of time. With the competition getting tough even for professional transcriptionists, the goal is not just to offer better quality but also to be able to do the most work as well. This would allow the transcriptionist to compete against the emerging other transcriptionists that are just starting in the field as well. While some old-school transcriptionists would still transcribe everything word by word, due to the advancement of technology, it is important to adapt to the technology of today.

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