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Updated: Apr 21, 2021

For the podcaster taking podcasting seriously, it might be time to find the best podcast hosting platform to not only improve the quality of the podcast but to improve the legitimacy of the podcast as well. Although podcasts can still be fun, for the podcaster that wants to take it to the next level, podcast hosting platforms would be the next step.

There are a lot of benefits that podcast hosting platforms give and this is the main reason why they are being used by most professional podcasters. Since not a lot of beginner podcasters know about this, having a podcast hosting platform can be very beneficial for those trying to go big as a podcaster.

Why use a podcast hosting platform?

It’s easy to question as to whether or not a podcast hosting platform is worth it and this is totally understandable since they usually come at a cost. For the average podcaster however that still wants to succeed in podcasting, there are a few benefits they will be getting when using a podcast hosting platform. Here they are:

  • Quality

Podcast hosting platforms ensure the quality of the podcast and this is very necessary for the podcaster that is really meticulous about the quality of their podcasts.

  • Cheaper storage

When a podcaster has been doing podcasts for quite a while, storage starts to become even more expensive. Podcast hosting platforms provide more affordable storage especially for those with hundreds of gigabytes of podcasts.

  • Includes analytics

The inclusion of analytics for the average podcaster will not only allow them to assess how the podcast does, but this will also allow them to plan out how to make the next podcast better!

  • Security

Having podcasts stolen then reuploaded does happen which is why a podcast hosting platform could be very important. Stealing a podcast then reuploading it for profit is a real thing and this is why it is very important to be careful.

For the podcaster that is sold out on the importance of a podcast hosting platform, the next question is what is the best podcast hosting platform to use?

10 best podcast hosting platforms 2021:

1. Buzzsprout

Although the dashboard may look simple, it is not limited. They have a very easy-to-use dashboard that allows users to spend more time creating the content than having to procure the right uploads. It also includes tons of other features that are very useful like an embed player and more.

2. Captivate

This really useful podcast hosting platform has been doing podcast websites for a number of years and when it comes to analytics, this might be the best. Analytics on this podcast hosting platform is very advanced but easy to understand. One tip for beginning podcasters is to transcribe the podcast in order to get more hold of search engines through texts. Since search engines won’t be able to view the video, the keywords should come from the transcription text provided.

3. Transistor

This is a fairly new podcast hosting and analytics hosting platform and the good thing about it is that the team behind this platform is very helpful. They are really good for branding as well as for those podcasters that really take podcasting very seriously.

4. Castos

The Castos podcast hosting platform has some pretty cool features that go really well with WordPress. For those trying to boost their podcast and their website at the same time, this might be the best tool to use.

5. Podbean

Podbean is a very affordable alternative that includes a lot of features that are very beneficial to the podcast. The cool thing about Podbean is that they already have an Android and iOS app which makes everything much easier.

6. Simplecast

This podcast hosting platform might have the best embeddable players around which are really useful when posting on websites and more. They also include a lot of other features like customization, analytics, and more.

7. bCast

For those using the podcast for more business-oriented purposes, this might be the right podcast hosting provider for you. Podcasting has never been easier for marketers than through using this platform. It allows a bunch of different CTAs as well which is a very useful feature among others.

8. Spreaker

The good thing about this is the Live Podcasting option which lets the listeners interact within the chatbox among other features. This hosting platform makes for a more organic and welcoming approach to audiences.

9. Blubrry

For the beginner podcaster still trying out, this platform is easily one of the simplest platforms out there that allows complicated features in a simple and easy to manage way.

10. Podcast Websites

This approach takes a more formal approach to podcasting and is really good for academic podcasts and informative podcasts. It also allows users to use a WordPress website, podcast hosting, web hosting, domain name, email address, and a few more.

For the podcaster out there planning to take podcasting seriously, using a podcast hosting platform is the next step. One huge benefit is when the podcaster puts in a transcription of the podcast, the analytics will be able to show the podcaster just how beneficial it is for SEO.

One common misconception is that transcription can only be done by hiring a transcriptionist or for the podcaster to do it themselves but there are actually transcription tools online that provide the automated transcription as well as an easy way to edit them. With the use of the right transcription tool, the podcaster can do the transcription themselves without having to exert extra effort.

When starting out with podcasting, it is important to exert every effort to make sure the podcast becomes successful and this also means uploading on multiple platforms, adding transcriptions, using podcast hosting platforms, studying the progress, and making changes based on the data given. This can be a lot of work for the podcaster but usually, with the right podcast hosting platform and other tools, everything can be simplified and the podcaster can focus on what truly matters, the podcast itself.

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