3 Types Of Tools Every Podcaster Must Use

Updated: Apr 21, 2021

Podcasting has become more and more intense as the competition has gotten tougher with the thousands of newer podcasters filling up what used to be niche fields. With the growing competition getting bigger by the minute, the pressure usually falls on the podcaster to be able to record a podcast that not only stands out but also performs well in terms of views.

While starting a podcast might be easy, climbing up the professional podcaster ladder may be much more difficult. With the standard podcasting quality being lifted, it is up to the podcaster to come up with high-quality content that is attractive to their respective audiences.

Podcasting doesn’t just look at what is being talked about but also how well is the message being conveyed, how clear the visuals are, how well edited the podcast is in general. Making things more complicated, Google and other search engines can’t dissect what is being verbally said in the podcasts which makes it harder for the search engine optimization process.

In order to get search engines to pick the podcast up and show it to new audiences, search engine optimization, or SEO, should be in play. Increasing the SEO means increasing the readable content for these search engines. This can be achieved through transcription attached to the podcast since the search engine will be able to scan the keywords mentioned in the podcast.

There are a few tools that a podcaster can use in order to come up with a clear, thorough, and high-quality podcast. These tools are a podcaster’s best friend when it comes to creating content. Here are the tools that matter

Podcasting tools

Podcast Recording Tools

These tools are used by podcasters to record their podcasts properly. Without these tools, the initial content might be compromised. Although it is possible to record on a simple camera and upload the podcast as a simple video, the results might not be too pleasing. Here are the podcast recording tools that matter.

  • Logic Pro

This is a really good music production and audio editing program that has a very simple interface that is even compatible with GarageBand and also very similar. The full suite features that are upgradable will allow the podcaster more options in terms of background music or effects when recording the podcast itself.

  • Hindenburg Journalist

This particular tool is specifically designed for both podcasters and broadcasters with very high production value. For those that have a number of interviews or other clips that need to be pieced together, this could be a great choice for the podcaster. Adjusting the loudness and other features allows for a full range experience when coming up with a professional podcast.

Podcast Editing Tools

These tools are great for those that want to have more in-depth content that really stands out. Professional podcasters usually have their own theme and this is something very achievable with the right podcast editing tools.

  • Adobe Audition

This is a great software to use for those that are okay with going the extra mile in order to come up with high-quality content. The thing about Adobe is that they provide loads of features that could sometimes be overwhelming for those using the software. However, the software is complicated for a reason and this is because it has a number of features that people can choose from in order to edit their podcast properly.

  • Alitu

The difference between this software and Adobe Audition is that this particular software is way easier to use. Almost the opposite of Adobe, the simplicity allows for the user to save time when it comes to editing and still be able to come up with brilliant content. For those not too familiar with the technology or the complexity of podcast editing machines in general, this could be the perfect podcast editing tool to use.

Podcast Transcription Tools

As explained earlier, SEO is very important in the modern field of podcasts. Without making the most out of the uploaded podcast, despite the high quality of the podcast, search engines might not show these podcasts to the interested audience. The thing about the search engine optimization algorithm is that it works by recommending the searcher a list of content that would most likely fit their query. With a transcription available, the bigger the chances of the keyword being optimized.

  • Izitext

This is an all-in-one transcription tool that allows the podcaster to come up with automated transcription while playing the podcast at the same time. One thing about Izitext that is really beneficial for podcasters is how easy it is to edit the podcast within the tool. Instead of having to manually transcribe a podcast, this tool gives an instant transcription and more. The editing feature includes other important features like speaker identification which could be extremely useful for the final transcript later on.

How to come up with the perfect podcast

The key to coming up with a high-quality podcast is to use just about all the tools possible in order to improve every aspect of the podcast. Different tools generally cover different areas and one tool might have what another tool has. Due to this fact, a mixture of the right tools is recommended in order to cover all bases and come up with a high-quality podcast.

Podcasters have generally become smarter and use an array of different tools in order to come up with the perfect podcast not just in terms of content, but also in the way it is posted online and shared with the audience. Getting the podcast to viewable terms with a generally large audience is tough work but with improved quality and better optimization, it can be achieved.

Aside from competing with SEO, the general average quality of podcasts themselves has also improved over the years. Nowadays, high-quality and well-edited podcasts are just a norm that the audience is getting used to. The way a podcast is presented is very important. After all, the packaging is 50% of the present.

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