5 Reasons Why Podcasters Must Use An Automated Transcription Tool

Updated: Apr 21, 2021

There are a couple of reasons why podcasters should use a transcription tool. Since podcasts are now quite fashionable, the competition has been growing due to the increasing number of other podcasters out there offering maybe the same or similar content as others. Sometimes, content alone isn’t enough to help the podcaster improve in viewership and overall quality. The help of transcription may be needed in order for the podcast to be better perceived by the audience.

Of course, podcasting in itself is already quite beefy and would still require a chunk out of the podcaster’s time. This being said, getting a transcriptionist or using a transcription tool in order to make an automated transcription are two ways to get a good podcast transcription. The third option is to transcribe the whole podcast itself and this would obviously cause quite a problem for the podcaster due to additional workload.

The podcaster can transcribe the whole podcast themselves if the podcaster has a lot of free time at hand and if the podcaster might not have the extra money to get a transcriptionist or use a transcription tool. However, there’s usually a myth around using a transcription tool that is not true. This myth is the notion that they are expensive. Although some of them might be, not all of them are.

Here are 5 reasons why podcasters must use an automated transcription tool:

1. Finding a good transcriptionist is hard

Admittedly, it might be hard for some podcasters to find the right transcriptionist to work with. Although the good transcriptionist might be out there somewhere, it’s not always that a podcaster can find them right away or even find them at all. Sometimes, getting a good transcriptionist would also mean having to pay them more than the podcaster’s budget permits. This being said, using a transcription tool would save the podcaster both the effort of looking for a transcriptionist and also the assurance of quality at the same time.

2. There is limited time at hand

Automated transcription is very important especially for those that do not have the luxury of time to transcribe everything from the start. Also, making the transcription from scratch these days is already very inefficient and this is why even professional transcriptionists use a transcription tool in order to get an automated transcription. Basically, the podcaster would be able to do what a transcriptionist does by themselves without having to pay extra for their efforts. In the end, everything boils down to editing. Since people can recognize their own voice easily, the editing process would be much more efficient.

3. Needing automatic timestamps

Let’s say the podcaster has a number of topics that they want to talk about. The podcaster may want to find specific power phrases or sentences within the transcription itself for them to highlight. Having to do so manually may be quite taxing, so this is where having a transcript and using a transcription tool come in.

Also, putting timestamps on certain parts or segments of the podcast will also allow for the podcaster to put something of a table of contents for the viewers in order for them to skip to the part they are interested in. The problem with most viewers is that not everyone has the patience to skim through the whole podcast and look for the parts that interest them. Even worse is if some viewers aren’t able to see a table of contents and get stuck with a beefy transcription, some of them might default to not reading or viewing the podcast at all.

4. Keeping the information safe

Let’s say there’s sensitive information in the podcast. It would then be better to use a transcription tool instead of handing the work out to someone you might not trust. For this reason, some podcasters would rather use a transcription tool in order to get automated transcription without having to hand over the task to a third party. For those that would rather keep the podcast information to themselves, using a transcription tool would be a better way to do so. Also, since the transcription is within the podcaster's hands, they can choose to edit out certain parts they feel unnecessary and organize the transcription before it is presented.

5. Editing

The good thing about some of the transcription tools out there is that there is an option for editing within the platform itself. This would mean that the podcaster would no longer need a number of different applications and software in order to get the final podcast transcription that they need. Since a podcast in itself already comprises a number of different software, using a transcription tool would allow for the podcaster to come up with a final output that is to their standard just by using one tool for the automated transcription itself.

Due to the complications (which aren’t too complicated) of getting a podcast transcription done, a lot of new podcasters opt not to get a transcription of their content in order to both save time and also since they don’t understand the value of podcast transcription in general. There’s actually one major reason as to why a podcaster must transcribe their podcast and this is due to Search Engine Optimization.

Podcast transcription for Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is the process of search engines determining whether the content is what a viewer is looking for. Since a podcast is basically a video, this makes it hard for the SEO to pinpoint the podcaster especially if they are still new to the business and don’t really have that big a following. Putting a transcription, on the other hand, would allow the algorithm to find the podcast content much quicker and even improve the chances of the content surfacing to those who search for similar keywords. With a transcription provided, SEO will not only look at the title and description but also the whole transcription itself.

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