5 Qualities Of A Good Transcription Tool

While there are a lot of transcription tools out there, not a lot of them are actually that useful. In fact, a bad transcription tool could even cause more work for the transcriptionist and end up becoming inefficient. Getting an automated transcription, with the AI technology of today, is not always something that hits the spot every time. However, without the use of the right transcription tool, a transcriptionist would then have to spend even more hours just trying to get a quality transcription through manually transcribing the audio file.

Automated transcription is important for transcriptionists or basically other professionals who are in need of transcription but would prefer not to get a transcriptionist and transcribe the needed audio by themselves. Transcription is very important for a lot of fields and this is why using the right transcription tool could benefit them greatly.

Why use a transcription tool?

Transcriptionists themselves can also take advantage of a transcription tool as not a lot of fields actually want to do the transcription themselves. If efficiency is the main goal, then using a transcription tool would help the transcriptionist get there. This is especially true if there are hours and hours of transcription that need to be done on a regular basis. For the transcriptionist to do this themselves, this would require not only a lot of effort but also a lot of their time and therefore resources.

Of course, there are a lot of reasons why using a transcription tool is important but the main gist is that with the technology available online, it is better to utilize it instead of doing everything and end up spending more time and effort virtually coming up with the same quality. Sometimes, the transcription tool is even capable of coming up with better quality transcription in comparison to manual transcription.

5 Qualities of a good transcription tool

1. Easy to use

Although some complicated transcription tools out there might have more features and services, there are other transcription tools that are capable of just that much and the only difference is a simplified platform. Getting automated transcription isn’t the only thing that the right transcription tool is good for, it can also be used for editing, timestamps, multi-transcription, and more.

2. Accuracy assessment tool

Naturally, not all files that need to be transcribed are clear in audio. Sometimes, transcriptionists and professionals are left to deal with audio or video files with faulty and challenging audio. This is why it is important to have a transcription tool that indicates its confidence or accuracy levels as well as the specific parts of the transcript that need to be focused on.

3. Auto-save on cloud

The “Oops! It wasn’t saved!” problem has already happened a lot of times before. This is why it is very important for the transcription tool to not just provide automatic transcription but also an automatic backup just in case something happens. For those who are transcribing multiple files, forgetting to save every once in a while is inevitable which is why it is important that the transcription tool also has an automatic save option.

4. Speaker labeling

This is very important when it comes to interviews or files that need transcription that have more than one speaker. Automatically labeling the speaker would allow for the transcriptionist or related professional to identify who said what much easier and would be able to follow the conversation as they transcribe. One important thing that a transcriptionist or related professional has to learn is how to follow the conversation. For the transcriptionist or related professional to really use the right words at the right time, understanding the context is important.

5. Punctuations

Punctuations can be quite confusing for someone who isn’t sure where to put them. Sometimes, sentences can be quite long that the transcriptionist or related professional gets confused on where they should put certain punctuations. Automated transcription with punctuations included provides the transcriptionist or professional with a clear view of how the conversation is going, where questions are asked, where exclamations are used, and more.

A good transcription tool is very important for a transcriptionist or anyone using transcription to be able to come up with a quality transcription that not only works as an audio-to-text transcription tool but allows for a much faster and smoother transcription. In the end, the right transcription tool will allow the transcriptionist or anyone needing a transcription to come up with quality transcription.

Picking out the right transcription tool can be quite hard for those that don’t know what to look for and what other features can be placed within the transcription tool.

Here’s a list of other things to look for that weren’t mentioned above:

  • Word-audio synchronization

This is where the word and audio go hand in hand so the one making the transcription can see where a specific word should go.

  • Realtime text editor

This allows for the transcriptionist or basically the one using the transcription tool to edit while doing other things as well.

  • Highlights

The text is highlighted when the transcription is playing so that the transcriptionist or the one using the transcription tool can get into the context of the conversation. This also allows for easier editing.

Trial and error is also something that should be avoided. Using the wrong transcription tool, especially for beginners, is inevitable. The transcription tool that is capable of doing almost everything is out there and once it is found, it is better to use it instead of experimenting further. Although most transcriptionists would prefer trying out another transcription tool every once in a while, this would still cost them time and thus money. In the end, when a transcription tool works perfectly, it is better to stick to it and avoid unnecessary switching.

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