Why You Must Use An Automated Transcription Tool

2020 has proven that those who aren’t able to adapt to technology would somehow be left behind later on. Due to the pandemic, technology was massively utilized as a way for certain businesses and careers to continue. Different careers were forced to adapt to technology in order to survive and transcription was one of these careers.

This 2021, being a transcriptionist comes along with quite a lot of challenges. Due to the massive cut in different career options over 2020, a lot of people have started to look for online jobs and this makes the art of transcription harder in itself. While almost anyone with good hearing and good English can transcribe any piece of work, it takes a really keen way of maximizing either a transcription tool or transcription software to make a transcriptionist work more efficiently.

Automated transcription, although previously frowned upon, has evolved over the years with other transcription tools or transcription software becoming even more useful to the professional transcriptionist. While the transcription tools or software were previously inaccurate, innovation and the advancement of technology itself has allowed for these particular tools and software to upgrade as well.

Why use a transcription tool or transcription software?

There are a lot of reasons why a transcriptionist should make use of a transcription tool or transcription software. These reasons can be shared across other careers as well that involves transcription and not just for professional transcriptionists. Basically, where there is a need to transcribe a specific audio or video file, there will be a need for a transcription software or transcription tool.

1. Quality

The thing about some transcription tools is that they help improve the quality of the transcription by allowing the transcriptionist more time to go through certain questionable parts that need editing instead of having to do the whole thing from the start. While a transcriptionist might opt to do everything from scratch, if this is done for every piece of transcription needed, this will, later on, have a toll on the overall quality of the transcription.

2. Efficiency

The faster and more accurate a transcriptionist is able to transcribe, the more money they will be able to rake in (for those transcriptionists that are paid per project, minute, word, etc.). While the transcription tool or transcription software makes everything faster since it gives automated transcription, it also allows transcriptionists to set more of their precious time on editing instead of having to worry about the bulk transcription.

Imagine making an 8-hour transcription from scratch without the help of automated transcription. This can be very draining and could take way too much time to get done. This is why a transcription tool or transcription software was invented.

3. Competition

As mentioned earlier, with transcription as a career path becoming more popular, there is now a need to stand out above the competition. In order to do this, there are two things that the transcriptionist can offer: speed and quality. While some people want better quality transcription, most clients would also prefer them being done in a fast and timely manner.

In order to stand out against the competition, it is important that the transcriptionist can do better than what the client would expect from a normal transcriptionist. Being able to pass the transcription way before the deadline without faults could be a very positive selling point that can be promoted. Of course, this is possible with the use of a transcription tool or transcription software providing automated transcription.

Will transcription tools take over transcriptionists?

While the transcription career has definitely gone a bit tougher through the past few years, this does not mean that a transcription tool or transcription software will be taking over the transcriptionist career soon. In fact, transcription tools and transcription software were made in order to help the transcriptionist transcribe more efficiently.

Automated transcription can still be faulty which means that the help of a transcriptionist would still be needed. There are a lot of different fields that have huge demands for transcriptionists and this is also one positive thing about the transcription career. While those fields may opt to use the transcription tool or transcription software themselves, it can still be very tough especially since they would need to exert manual effort which is something that they are trying to outsource.

In general, it’s better to be equipped with the latest technology and adapt instead of being left behind. Automated transcription is made to help transcriptionists make everything easier instead of cutting out transcriptionists completely. Through capitalizing on a transcription tool, the transcriptionist could further their career.

What to look for in a transcription tool or transcription software?

It is important to use the right transcription tool or transcription software in order to come up with automated transcription that is useful and not rubbish. While there are a lot of tools out there, not all of them could be useful and some could even compromise the quality of the transcriptionist’s work.

1. In-software editing

Editing inside the software itself makes things much easier for the transcriptionist since they will be able to see where they are working and won’t be disoriented from transfering the text from one software to another.

2. Accuracy rating

A transcription tool needs to notify its user of how accurate the transcription may be. This would allow the transcriptionist to measure how much effort they would need to use in order to segregate their total workload and make estimations as to how long the final transcription might take.

These two are very important things to look for when picking the right transcription tool or transcription software to use.

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