What Everybody Ought To Know About Medical Transcription

Medical transcription services are when certain medical reports are typed in from dictated audio files by professional nurse practitioners, physicians, and even other healthcare providers.

Nurse practitioners, doctors, surgeons, and even other healthcare providers have very important and stressful jobs. To top everything off, the paperwork can become quite frustrating since it is added stress to these professionals. This is why there are medical transcription services offered by professional transcriptionists that lighten up the load and transcribe the healthcare professional’s notes.

Medical transcription includes everything from clinical summaries all the way to surgery notes. Taking raw audio recordings and transcribing them into a written document is needed for these professionals’ own records, the patient’s medical charts, insurance claims, and others might take a couple of hours each day.

Everything you need to know about medical transcription

A number of healthcare providers usually spend a couple of extra hours every day simply transcribing their own notes. The extra hours spent are usually substituted by having expensive in-office medical assistants to help them. Even still, this is still a huge problem as sometimes the given records end up taking way too long to be transcribed. Another huge problem that could come up is getting inaccurate transcription from inexperienced transcriptionists.

Getting the help of transcriptionists is usually the best solution there is to come up with accurate transcription. The final transcription can be outsourced by getting a transcriptionist to do all the work. A professional transcriptionist uses transcription tools in order to not only make the work faster but also come up with more accurate results. An audio-to-text tool is the best way to get instant transcription which can be smoothly edited once finished.

What is the difference between medical transcription and regular transcription?

While regular transcription deals with all sorts of audio or video files from podcasts to interviews, medical transcription focuses more on medical-related audio or videos. These can sometimes be rough around the edges due to either the doctor, nurses, or healthcare professionals rushing when taking the recordings.

These recordings are usually secondary to the actual conversation between the healthcare personnel and the patient. Due to this reason, the files to be transcribed are not always of good quality. Nonetheless, these audio recordings or video recordings are very critical to the healthcare professional especially if their notes do not cover everything.

When it comes to medical transcription, the transcriptionist has to be familiar with certain medical terms as they can be very important for the healthcare provider. Getting the wrong prescription could cause a huge amount of damage and this is why it is very important that the one doing the transcription does it professionally.

It is also vital to note the exact amount of dosage or number of pills or other quantifiable data when transcribing medical transcriptions. Although medical transcription is an extension of transcription in general, the main purpose of these transcriptions can be more critical. This is why a professional transcriptionist makes use of certain transcription tools in order to not only do the transcription more efficiently but also to get more accurate results.

Is outsourcing medical transcription a violation of security or HIPAA?

The moment that healthcare providers discover or realize how practical medical transcription works, one of the main questions that they immediately ask is “Is this a HIPAA violation or a security risk?”

The answer is very simple, as long as the healthcare professional is getting the transcription done by a reputable transcriptionist, there is very minimal to no risk that is involved. With this being said, it is very important that healthcare professionals choose the right transcriptionist that can guarantee the protection of their patients and their practice.

There are transcriptionists called medical transcriptionists that specialize in certain medical terminology. This includes understanding as well as complying with the HIPAA or the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act.

These medical transcriptionists understand the general sensitive nature of the documents that they transcribe. These medical transcriptionists only accept and send files through the use of a secure network. Both discretion and confidentiality are very important when choosing a transcriptionist for the needed medical transcription.

The use of the right transcription tools is also very important when it comes to medical transcription. This is also why some healthcare professionals prefer to have an in-house transcriptionist or someone who can do the transcription. Doing the work in-house can minimize the risk of these documents being leaked and any form of breach of HIPAA.

Why medical transcription is proven to reduce cost

There are a number of reasons why getting professional medical transcriptionists can effectively minimize the total cost and increase productivity.

  • Healthcare providers can lessen the time spent on transcription and in turn do other things that can generate them more money. Due to this effective method of saving time while only spending a little amount of money, healthcare professionals have more time on their hands to do other things.

  • The cost of getting transcription done by medical transcriptionists is very big. On average, a medical assistant could get around $35,000 USD per year. A transcriptionist, on the other hand, gets paid a fair amount for every transcription. The difference, however, is still very significant.

  • There is a choice to get a full-time, part-time, or even a per-project basis transcriptionist depending on the amount of work needing to be done. For those that aren’t too busy, getting a transcriptionist to do the job per project is more advisable. For those on the other hand that are really busy, it would be better to get a full-time or a part-time transcriptionist.

Hiring a professional transcriptionist to do medical transcriptions means not having to worry about learning the right transcription tools or putting in the extra hours to learn how to transcribe properly. This could also help by improving the efficiency of the office allowing other healthcare professionals to focus on different and more important things like taking care of the patient and more.

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