How To Level Up Your Podcast SEO With Podcast Transcription

Updated: Apr 21, 2021

Mic check… 1… 2. Podcasts are getting even more competitive than they used to be. Although in the past, these podcasts were able to rely on just the content itself, nowadays, due to the competitiveness, podcasters have to also factor in the SEO value of their podcast. This means transcribing the entire podcast would be the best way for them to get recognized for their content.

Although most search engines are already quite sophisticated in their own way, transcription is still a very important way for these podcasts to be recognized. SEO, or search engine optimization is the process of using the search engine’s algorithms to the users’ advantage. This includes a podcast, a song, or other content posted online.

Since search engines won’t technically be able to watch the podcast, they rely on the description, title, and other words that are provided pertaining to the podcast. Should a transcription be available, this makes it much easier for the search engine to direct searchers to what they are looking for.

Here are 3 benefits of Podcast transcription:

Podcast transcription has quite a lot of benefits within SEO themselves but these three are the major advantages that podcasters will instantly be able to have as soon as they start transcribing their podcasts.

1. Short-Tailed Keyword usage

Although podcasts aren’t scripted, it is important to mention keywords that searchers could look up and be directed to the podcast. For example, when talking about music, it might be worth mentioning “Music 2021” or “best songs of 2021” in the transcription of the podcast for the search engines to pick up.

Short-tailed keywords are short keywords that people search on Google, YouTube, or other platforms that redirect the user to the specific content with the use of the platform’s algorithms. Since a podcast is generally quite long, it might be useful to throw in a couple of short-tailed keywords to increase the chances of the podcast being discovered.

2. Long-Tailed Keyword usage

These long-tailed keywords are more like phrases that users would logically type when searching for specific content. These long-tailed keywords could be phrases like “the best hip hop songs of 2021” or “aspiring music artists of 2021”.

These long-tailed keywords generally have less competition and if they are mentioned in the podcast transcription, they could increase the chances of the podcast being discovered. These long-tailed keywords are also generally easier to soothe into the conversation and make the podcast sound more natural.

3. Google questions

When typing something into Google, there is usually a set of questions that are related to that particular search. For example, when typing “hip hop songs 2020,” you’ll be able to scroll down and see questions like “What is the number one rap song of 2020?” and other questions that are related to the topic.

When making the podcast, it could also help to include these questions in the discussion if they are related. This is a technique for podcasters to get their podcast more recognizable on Google since google not only provides articles, it also suggests videos when something is searched.

How to transcribe a podcast for SEO?

There is actually a way for podcasters to simply transcribe their podcast without much fuzz and this is through the use of transcription tools. Audio-to-text transcription tools automatically transcribe any audio file in a very short time giving the text format needed for the podcast.

It is very important to use one of those audio-to-text transcription tools that allow fast editing and generally decrease the need for manual effort in order to provide the written text of the podcast. The advantage of transcription tools, especially for beginning podcasters, is that they will be able to save money instead of hiring a professional transcriptionist to do the job.

Although this might still take a significant amount of time, for beginner podcasters, especially those with a tight budget, transcribing their own podcast could be the only way for them to come up with good content. Of course, depending on the frequency of the uploaded podcasts, it would be important to get a transcriptionist later on to lessen the workload.

Why do podcasters need a transcriptionist?

While most professional podcasters already have their own team, most beginner podcasters would have to outsource transcriptionists to do the work. This is very essential especially if the workload is piling up.

In the end, there are three things to consider in terms of resources namely time, money, and energy. For those with limited time but who have a decent amount of funds, getting a transcriptionist would be the best option to seamlessly upload the needed content.

For those that are short on money but do have the time and energy, using transcription tools might be the best option. However, depending on the transcriptionist, the rate might not be as high as you think and would be more efficient to outsource a transcriptionist instead of doing the transcription work yourself.

For those that are doing podcasts part-time and do not have the time nor the money but do have the energy, picking the perfect transcription tool could still help get good results. A transcriptionist, however, will allow the podcaster to reallocate their energy into other needed tasks like editing, promoting, and etc.

The importance of SEO for podcasts

Without a pool of followers and strong word of mouth marketing that revolves around a podcaster, promoting and growing the podcast might be very hard. SEO allows the podcaster to reach an audience that is not even within their circle as long as they are talking about something that other people are searching for.

When making a podcast, it is important to do prior research on the right keywords to use to know what specific words or phrases are people talking about in order to slide the podcast into their searches.

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