How To Download A Podcast Episode

Updated: Apr 21, 2021

While there could be thousands and thousands of websites and platforms out there that host podcasts left and right, there are actually only a few that really matter. There are a number of reasons why people would download a podcast that isn’t theirs and one of them is for additional content.

While a number of people like to focus on original content, there is actually another technique used by some of the other content creators online and this is through taking content from others and making reviews or references. As long as the proper credits are given and references are mentioned, making content out of podcast transcription is another possible commentary that content creators can get into.

To transcribe the video content would take an enormous time but for those that decide to do the podcast transcription using a transcription tool, this process can be almost automated. One really safe content is actually giving top points that were said in a particular podcast. One example of popular podcasts is the Joe Rogan podcast with millions of views and usually hours of content.

The massive content can be quite chunky to break down into a blog but breaking it down into bits can help the content creator extract the most important parts of the podcast with quotations. Of course, once again, giving reference to the original content creator is very important as well. Of course, before making the podcast transcription, there needs to be a downloaded podcast at first.

How to download a podcast on Apple

In order to listen to a certain podcast even when there is no Wi-Fi or even cellular data around, it is important to download the episode, movie, video, or podcast before going offline. It is important, however, to remember that these files delete 24 hours after a user would play them or users could choose to delete them manually.

In order to download a podcast episode on Apple, here are a few steps:

  1. Find the particular episode to download in the library or search for the perfect episode to download.

  2. Click the download button, which looks like a cloud with an arrow down, located next to the episode.

  3. Users can also choose to click the add button and either tap or click it. After that, users can tap or click, once again, the download button which looks like a cloud with an arrow down.

It’s important to note that if users won’t be able to find the download button or the cloud with an arrow down button, the episode could already be downloaded on users’ devices.

How to download a podcast on Spotify

As mentioned earlier, Joe Rogan is one of the most popular podcasts with usually hours of really intriguing content with some interesting guests. Spotify has reportedly branched outside of music which has pushed them to the podcast realm. The steps are really simple.

  1. Users should first have Spotify Premium

  2. Click on the arrow down icon on the podcast or show to simply download it.

These are basically the only two steps needed in order to download podcasts from Spotify.

How to download podcasts on Android

Android is quite different as there are a few ways for the user to download the podcast. This process, however, can be quite manual in comparison to the more automated downloads when it comes to other platforms. The process, although a little different, is still quite direct.

First of all, users will have to utilize a podcatcher. This is a podcast app that would allow users to download as well as sort episodes. Users will have to look for one that will allow them to access may be a large as well as a comprehensive library of different podcasts. Users might also want everything to be a simpler process to listen to once the final podcast is found.

Backtracks Podcatcher

This could be one of the more interesting options when it comes to the Android version as it will allow users to capture a podcast when listening to it. Users will be able to easily download the new podcast episodes with a simple tap of a button when they are using the podcatcher. In some instances, the podcaster can also automatically download the new videos.

This, of course, is not the only option out there but it could be the simplest one. For those that want to do things in a more unorthodox way, they can search “podcatcher” and find other options that would work better for them. Also, it’s important to note that having the podcast is one thing, converting it and transcribing it are other things as well.

Getting the video to the right software

The problem with downloading from Apple, Spotify, or Android is that the files usually aren’t just regular files that can be transferred here and there. The files still might need to go through a converter. There are file converters online capable of converting Spotify, Apple, or other file types. Although this process is a bit manual, it is still a great way to get content from podcasts online.

Converting the podcast video file directly into an audio file with the right video to audio converter is the best thing to do for those that want to come up with podcast transcription. Although the process can be quite tiresome, this would still help the user save an enormous amount of time instead of trying to transcribe the podcast manually.

While some podcasts might be quite short, other podcasts are really long and in order to achieve good podcast transcription, the use of a transcription tool is much preferred. As mentioned earlier, for those aiming to create good content, there is a certain process that needs to be followed in order to come up with the perfect podcast transcription that can be used as content.

How to turn a podcast into content

  1. Find the right video

  2. Download the video

  3. Convert the video into audio

  4. Use a transcription tool

  5. Edit the transcription

  6. Make the online content

  7. Make sure to add the right citations

There are numerous things users can do with podcasts especially once they know how to utilize them

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