How Marketers Can Boost Digital Presence Through Transcription

Marketing, back then, used to make use of signages or simple TV or radio commercials. However, today, marketing has become even more complex and diverse in comparison to how it was back then. Marketing is an essential tool that can be used by a business to hit a number of business goals from profits and promotion to sending out a message. In this day and age, it is important to include transcription in the mix as this also helps the internet marketing side.

However, with the massive amount of workload that needs to be done with marketing, it’s no secret that marketing has become more complicated. Good marketing makes use of strategy, creativity, and also dedication. Although this process is exhausting, this process is necessary for progress.

The key towards an effective marketing strategy first starts along with making every single step of the whole marketing workflow simply as easy as possible. It is important not to misinterpret this by thinking that marketers should be lazy. The main point is that marketers should find ways for them to be able to outsource their workload and other time-consuming tasks or to find an automated transcription tool that cuts down the time.

Finding a transcriptionist, or working with someone to transcribe the work needed for you, can be a great way for you to keep your creative juices and focus on other marketing tasks that really take a lot of time, like video production and more. Of course, for those that do not have the surplus resources or would just rather not spend too much on getting a transcriptionist, there is a transcription tool that can be used for this.

Before picking between a transcriptionist and a transcription tool to transcribe your work, it is important to understand why transcription, in general, is important.

Transcribe market research

While some people might not mind answering a form when it comes to market research, others find this process quite tedious and can be very hard to get willing volunteers to answer the questions. This is why verbal market research is usually collected as well. This way, the participants would be a little more willing to cooperate since it does not waste either their time or others’ time.

Manually transcribing the audio files would take hours and hours especially if the interviews are done on a larger group of people or participants. With the massive workload needed to be done, getting a final transcription without the help of a transcriptionist or a transcription tool would take hours and hours of precious time that could have been spent otherwise.

To transcribe every single interview would take hours and hours even for a transcriptionist which is why if the results need to be collected as fast as possible, it might be better to use a transcription tool that gives automatic transcriptions.

SEO and Content creation

Marketers might dread either creating and optimizing the content. However, there are ways to optimize this process. When it comes to videos, search engines won’t be able to view them hence there won’t be any keywords that can be used aside from the description provided. When offering a transcription of the marketing video, this improves the overall searchability of the video and increases the SEO value of the content.

When it comes to video production, it is important to focus on the overall video quality since this is what the audience sees. However, this is not what the search engine sees which makes the content virtually not too readable compared to the conventional text format. This is why even with videos, providing text for online searching is still very important.


When adding captions, the video becomes even more clear and there is also another reason why captions are important. Since a video oftentimes relies on both visuals and audios, there is still a huge untapped audience that could find it hard to understand the video. Having captions make the video friendlier to those in noisy surroundings or with bad audio in their devices, poor hearing, or those that are deaf. This is a huge audience that can be tapped. Facebook also says that 85% of all of the videos watched on the platform are being viewed silently.

Having a text database

Those with multiple videos would need transcription available to make them more searchable both for the SEO side as well as for their database. With transcribed texts, it is easier to search for a video especially if the link, description, and text are saved in an excel sheet (which is something recommended especially for those with lots and lots of videos.)

Searching for older videos is very important should the company decide to rebrand or study the previous videos, find out what is effective, and other reasons. To transcribe old videos is also very important. The older videos added to the newer database or transcription uploaded will increase SEO and allow them to be more searchable.

Digital presence with transcription

When it comes to boosting digital presence, it is important that the transcriptionist or the one who is transcribing the video/audio is able to come up with a really fast transcription. Accuracy is still very important but with the magnitude of workload that oftentimes exists in the marketing department, the efficiency and speed of the transcription could be a little more important as long as the transcription is understandable and does not drive farther from the original audio.

Boosting digital presence, as of the moment, is keenly done through the use of text as opposed to audio. During this day and age, words are still very important and instead of just videos, marketers should also add significant texts attached even if it is the raw transcription itself just attached to the video to give more SEO value.

Do you want to boost your digital presence through transcription? Let help you. Transcription is automated and complete with timestamps.

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