5 Reasons Why The Podcast Industry Is Booming In 2021

Updated: Apr 21, 2021

Podcasting has definitely become more popular and more people have started becoming podcasters recently. When podcasts first started out, it was still quite difficult for the newer audiences to catch on since they basically seemed like talk shows or maybe some boring interviews.

However, as time progressed, podcasts have become even more popular and this 2021, it seems like the number of podcasters has reached an all-time high! What does it really mean to be a podcaster and how does a podcast benefit? These are two questions that most people ask when talking about the art of podcasts in general.

Why are podcasts popular this 2021?

1. They are accessible

Back in the day, people usually had to have a TV program or a radio show or basically a platform with wide coverage for them to be able to talk and cover different things. Now, things have become even more accessible, and putting out and listening to podcasts are really easy to do online.

There are numerous podcasts around the internet all focusing on an array of different things from Apple Podcasts talking about all things Apple to certain podcasts like the JRE experience by Joe Rogan that has really interesting conversations with personalities coming from different fields. There are many platforms for the audience to listen to podcasts as well which makes them really easy to access and really easy to enjoy.

Facebook is one of the platforms that some people like to podcast on with Facebook Live but aside from that, YouTube and Spotify are two of the most popular platforms hosting podcasts.

2. Podcasts are easy to listen to

It is now very easy to listen to a podcast while doing something else at the same time. People listen to podcasts while they are driving to work, going for a run, doing the dishes, and maybe even some other mundane tasks. Podcasts come in all different lengths and they can be as short as 10 minutes up to a couple of hours.

The good thing about podcasts is unlike live shows, the listener can easily close the podcast and pick it up where they left off. This would not only provide the listener with a more comfortable experience but since they can be done while the listener is doing other things, the chances of closing the podcast are slim. This would work really well for the podcaster.

3. Podcasts can be made very easily

Unlike movies, shows, and other skits, a podcast is very simple to make when it comes to the technical side and the podcaster can focus directly on the content. There have been a lot of different podcasts that take place in the podcaster’s kitchen, basement, car, garage, office, or even couch which means that making a podcast isn’t that hard.

As long as the podcaster has an acceptable quality mic or camera, they will be able to start a simple podcast which they can edit and work on later on when they upload it online. Some of the most popular podcasts actually started off pretty simple.

4. There are a lot of different podcasts

There are thousands of different podcasts which means that there will be at least a few out there that really cater towards a particular listener. The good thing about a podcast, in general, is that it usually circles around a certain theme so if a particular listener is interested in that theme, the podcast might be just right for them.

Although the competition might make things hard on the podcaster, the main fact that the podcaster can make a podcast to their choice is still pretty relieving. The competition, aside from the content, should come from how the podcaster would promote their podcast online. Since search engines won’t be able to view every single podcast, having a transcription to provide keywords is very advantageous.

5. Podcasts can be intimate

Maybe one of the biggest reasons why people tune in to podcasts is that they are intimate. Podcasts usually talk about certain conversations shared amongst insightful or sometimes close individuals and it makes the audience feel like they are part of the conversation as well.

A podcaster doesn’t have to be intimate with the audience but a sense of intimacy can really create a strong following. Once the conversation feels more natural, less scripted, and more insightful, the podcast then becomes even more comfortable for the audience. The thing about a podcast is that they usually require a huge thing from the audience which is time. If the podcaster isn’t able to make the audience feel like they are worth their time, the podcaster might lose that potential follower forever.

How does a podcaster become successful?

Most of the successful podcasters regularly publish content and when they do, they are then picked up by a multitude of individuals all tuning in. What makes these podcasters retain their popularity aside from having an invested audience and a strong following is how well their videos are optimized.

When a podcaster optimizes a video, they do more than just publish content but also dive deeper into where they publish the content, when, and most importantly, how. When publishing content, the podcaster makes sure that it is SEO optimized by using the right hashtags or the right keywords in order for the search engines to find the podcast quickly.

Since search engines don’t show content, they rely on text attached to the podcast like the title, description, and others. One way a podcaster can improve this is through transcription. The common misconception is that transcription can’t be done without hiring a transcriptionist or doing the whole transcription alone.

The truth is, there are actually tools online that provide automated transcriptions that can be easily edited on the same platform itself. Since podcasting in general already requires a significant amount of effort, the transcription part of podcasting shouldn’t be taking up too much of the podcaster’s efforts.

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