5 Kinds of Professions That May Benefit From Getting Transcription

Doing all the work yourself can be quite a disruption especially since there are other things needed to be done and transcription is only a fraction of those things. In fact, transcribing certain audio or video files adds to the workload that professionals need to do on top of their already heavy workload.

There is a shortcut, however, for getting transcription done. The professional can choose to either outsource a transcriptionist or maybe even work around a transcription tool should the budget be too much. There are benefits to getting a transcriptionist and using a transcription tool.

Getting a transcriptionist and using a transcription tool

There is a big difference in choosing to outsource the workload to a transcriptionist vs. getting a transcription tool. Although both have benefits, it is up to the transcriptionist to decide as to whether they would choose the former or the latter.

Getting a transcriptionist

The benefits of getting a transcriptionist are that the professional won’t have to do any work but just send files and collect the finished product. This could be extremely beneficial for those working with multitudes of data to be transcribed.

It is important to note, however, that the professional would need to pay extra in order for the transcriptionist to do their work. Although freelancing can be done to pay a lower price, this won’t ensure the consistency of the work done by the transcriptionist since you will have to depend on the transcriptionist’s availability.

Using an automated transcription tool

This is extremely useful for sensitive data and if the workload is too small to outsource but too big to be done manually. The good thing about some of the transcription tools is that they are easy to use and easy to navigate. Its users will be able to easily edit everything through some of these transcription tools themselves.

Professionals can make use of a transcription tool to automatically transcribe their files. Afterward, they can proceed directly to proofreading and editing the final transcript. It would massively save time and money.

5 professions that need transcription

There are 5 strong professions that rely greatly on transcriptionists and a transcription tool in order to shortcut the load of work needed to be done.

1. Medical professionals

Medical professionals like doctors, nurses, radiologists, and the rest, need someone to transcribe their findings, interviews, and statements since they are oftentimes on the go. A doctor gets charged by the hour which makes it really inefficient if they were to do their own transcription.

This is why most medical professionals source out a transcriptionist in order for them to clear up the extra workload and focus on the important things. The good thing about a medical transcriptionist is that there are sometimes when there is no work. However, there are also times that the transcriptionist can be bombarded with files to transcribe. Usually, medical transcriptionists have gone through some sort of training or have familiarity with the field.

2. Legal professionals

Legal transcriptionists have to be spotless since what they are transcribing is very critical to the judiciary process of the people they are working for. With tons and tons of confidential interviews to transcribe, a transcriptionist is usually compensated well for that level of professionalism and are oftentimes given the option of full-time employment to work closely with either a law office or department.

The bad side is that legal professionals might require their transcriptionists to have some sort of certification or be at least involved in the justice system. Another downside is that some transcriptionists have to transcribe on the go which means they have to be really keen with what is being said in real-time.

3. Media/journalistic professionals

Interviews and other news pieces are oftentimes provided in a prompt and not so clear way which would then need the help of a transcriptionist in order to provide a clearer and prompt text form of the given files. While a journalist or a person in the media knows the importance of time, they know the importance of delegation as well since doing the entire piece themselves, from story to transcription, could be too much for just one person.

Media or journalistic professionals usually spend time around a transcriptionist especially if they are in the written media. It is also very important for reporters to be able to dissect a whole 3-hour seminar or forum into text form and extract the essentials for the general audience.

4. Marketing professionals

While the internet grows in size every day, marketing becomes even more complicated and this is why transcription services are very much needed in this particular field. When it comes to researching or gathering data, not a lot of people are too responsive with forms. Thus, oral interviews are quite preferred and in order to get the data, transcription is needed.

SEO is also very big and if marketing professionals today aren’t able to adjust to the demands of the internet, it would be hard to progress in a marketing aspect. Since videos can’t be viewed by search engines, it is important to transcribe the videos into text format in order for them to be searchable.

5. Podcast and other entertainment professionals

While the podcast industry is going up, it is still hard to find what specific podcast you are looking for without the use of text. This is why it is important to transcribe the podcast. For regular podcasters, doing the transcription themselves can be very time consuming and this is why they outsource to transcriptionists.

In order to simplify transcription work for these professionals, it is essential to either get a transcriptionist or make use of a transcription tool that immediately provides transcription that only needs to be edited once finished. The transcription tool provides an automatic transcription in a timely manner that can be edited in just one go or maybe just a few goes.

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