Top 27 Sites/Companies that are Hiring Transcriptionists with NO EXPERIENCE NEEDED

Updated: Dec 23, 2020

Entry-level jobs can be quite disappointing at times due to the small pay it offers. However, despite this, the thing is that these jobs are really easy to get into and are a good source of extra cash every now and then. Transcription jobs have become a trend as online transcription has started to become very popular. Back in the day, getting a transcriptionist could be very hard as transcriptionists had to be personally contacted in order to avail of these transcriptionists' services. Nowadays, online transcriptionists can be found with the click of a button.

There are a few entry-level companies that hire online transcriptionists even without experience as long as they meet the company’s qualifications. The transcription jobs have become more available to most people looking for an additional source of income during their free time.

Here are 27 sites/companies that are looking for online transcriptionists even without experience:

  1. AccuTran Global – Read AccuTran Review. Although they prefer applicants with experience, the newbies can take a special skill test. If they pass, they will be able to work directly for them. The company is only open to US transcriptionists and pays $0.005/word for the beginners and goes up to the top rate of $0.0066 for the more difficult or foreign audio transcription jobs.

  2. Appen – Read Appen Review. The company is more popularly known for offering work related to search engine evaluation but it is possible to work for them as a transcriptionist without needed experience.

  3. BAM! Transcription – The company hires newbies only if they pass the test. The app can’t be found on the site so contacting them can be done via their contact form in order to learn more about the application process.

  4. Casting Words – Read Casting Words Review. This company goes lightly on beginners. In order to get a payout, all that needs to be done is put in enough work to get a minimum of $1.

  5. Crowdsurf – CrowdSurf is pretty much open worldwide but requires fluency in English. CrowdSurf actually offers online transcription and captioning of certain HITs on the Work Market. Make sure to have a Work Market account to do transcription jobs that pay an average of about $6 to $7 per hour.

  6. Daily Transcription – Read Daily Transcription Review. Open to only the US and Canada, this company specializes in corporate, legal, and also entertainment online transcription. The company claims that the top transcriptionists usually make between $250 up to $950/week. Glassdoor even indicates that some transcribers are able to earn between $10 to $11/hour.

  7. Genius – Lyrics transcriptionists are usually needed but the position is not always open. They do prefer, however, that their applicants are fluent in another foreign language.

  8. GoTranscript – This company is open to anyone in the world who has a computer and internet connection. The website notes that most of the transcribers in the site make about $150/month helping put a little extra but should not be considered as a main source of money.

  9. GMR Transcription – Reportedly only open for both the US and Canada, the company is said to allow entry-level applicants.

  10. National Capitol Contracting – Read National Capitol Contracting Review. The company is said to be okay for those without experience but they do prefer those with experience. The pay is set at a rate of $40/audio hour. This means that for every 1hr total of audio that is transcribed, the payment is $40.

  11. Pactera – This company usually has online transcription tasks available from time to time and does not require experience. However, there is still a test, training, and guidelines that should be followed.

  12. Quicktate – Read Quicktate Review. There is no experience required. However, applicants need to take a test in order to apply. The company hires in the US as well as other countries.

  13. Rev – Read Rev Review. Accommodating to beginners, the company also actually offers freelance video captioning work on top of being a transcriptionist.

  14. Scribie – Read Scribie Review. This is open to anyone around the world but reportedly has a waiting list as well as quite low pay. However, applicants need only to take a test even without the experience of being an online transcriptionist.

  15. SpeechPad – Accommodating to newbies, the pay happens twice a week and works without a minimum. It’s all up to the transcriptionist how much they want to work.

  16. Telenotes – Although accommodating of people without experience, the company still requires applicants to come in for interviews in their Utah office. This should be hard for applicants living outside of Utah.

  17. Tigerfish – Read Tigerfish Review. This company only hires people from the US and is okay as an entry-level transcription job. Only a test is needed for applicants to get in.

  18. T ‘n T Transcriptions & Translations – This company accepts online transcriptionists without experience as long as they pass the test.

  19. TranscribeMe – Read TranscribeMe Review. This company works very simply. The payment is through PayPal and no experience is required to get in.

  20. Transcript Divas – Read Transcript Divas Review. The company considers beginners and although there are a lot of applicants, they still set up phone interviews.

  21. Transcription Express – Only open for transcriptionists in the US, this Arizona-based company allows online transcriptionists to set their work hours and also considers beginners.

  22. Transcription For Everyone – This company is open to beginners as long as they have strong computer skills, research skills, and grammar.

  23. Transcription Hub – They do not require experience but will evaluate their applicants before accepting them. The benefits are that they allow their transcriptionists to work anywhere at any given time.

  24. TranscriptionWing – Accommodating to beginners but it is still better to indicate if there is previous online transcription experience.

  25. Ubiqus – Read Ubiqus Review. This company hires people for all types of different transcription jobs as long as the transcriptionist can reach 70 wpm.

  26. Verbal Ink – Read Verbal Ink Review. They hire only US-based transcriptionists and prefer people with experience but they are also reportedly okay as long as the applicant passes their test.

  27. 3 Play Media – Read 3 Play Media Review. They do occasionally have openings for transcript editors. This is not technically online transcription but rather editing those transcriptions once finished.

These 27 sites/companies are the most approachable when it comes to finding transcription jobs. Having easy applications and generally no experience needed, these companies are great for entry-level work into the online transcription industry.

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