25 Transcription Job Opportunities For Newbie And Professional Transcriptionists

Updated: Dec 23, 2020

One thing that the pandemic has confirmed is that online jobs really are very powerful. Among these online jobs, transcription remains to be one of the most popular still. While this field already has a number of professional transcriptionists from around the world, this does not mean that there is no room for newbie transcriptionists.

Of course, before applying to become a transcriptionist or any type of profession, it is important to understand what that profession is about. It is vital that even as a newbie, the level of transcription still remains decent.

There are entry-level transcription jobs that only have small requirements for starters to begin and there are other professional transcription jobs that might require a little more in terms of credentials. These newbie-friendly transcription jobs are open to those that can easily pass the requirements.

Entry Level - transcription jobs for newbies

  1. AccuTran Global - Although this company prefers the experienced, newbies that pass their skill tests are welcome. This transcription job is for those in the US only and the pay is $0.005 up to $0.0066 per word

  2. Appen - More popularly known for offering a number of search engine evaluation work, the company is still open for newbie transcriptionists.

  3. BAM! Transcription - This company hires beginners that pass their skills test but the app is not on their site. Interested transcriptionists will have to contact them through the contact form in order to be able to apply.

  4. Casting Words - This company accepts newbies and there is a requirement of just $1 in order to request a payout.

  5. Crowdsurf - Offers both transcription and captioning HITs on the Work Market. Newbie transcriptionists need only a Work Market account to be able to work. The rate really depends on the audio hour but the salary according to Glassdoor says that some transcribers can average from $6 to $7 per hour.

  6. Daily Transcription - This transcription work specializes in corporate, entertainment, and legal transcription. Transcriptionists allegedly make between $250 up to $950 per week. Glassdoor indicates that some transcribers make $10 to $11 per hour on average. This is only open for those transcriptionists in the US and Canada.

  7. Genius - The transcriptionist position is not always open but they do hire lyrics transcribers. There is also no specific need for transcription experience but they reportedly prefer transcriptionists fluent in a foreign language.

  8. GoTranscript - The website claims that most of their transcribers are able to make $150 per month so this might serve as a decent sideline but probably not a main transcription job.

  9. GMR Transcription - Open for newbies but only for those in the US and Canada.

  10. National Capitol Contracting - This website prefers those with experience but they are open for newbie transcriptionists. The pay is said to be $40 per audio hour.

  11. Pactera - This website reportedly has transcription tasks available every once in a while and although there is no experience required, newbie transcriptionists will have to test, train, and also follow the guidelines.

  12. Quicktate - There is no experience needed but transcriptionists will have to take a test. The company hires in the US as well as other countries.

  13. Rev - The company accepts newbies and offers a few freelance video captioning work.

  14. Scribie - Newbies are welcome but they should take a test. However, the waiting list is quite long and the pay is reportedly quite low.

  15. SpeechPad - Newbies are welcome and the pay is twice a week with no minimum.

  16. Telenotes - They are said to consider people even without experience. However, transcriptionists need to come into the office for the interviews. Transcriptionists also need to reside in Utah for the job.

  17. Tigerfish - Newbies are welcome but transcriptionists need to take a test.

  18. T ‘n T Transcriptions & Translations - Newbies are welcome but transcriptionists need to take a test.

  19. TranscribeMe - This company accepts newbies and pays through PayPal. There is no experience needed for transcriptionists to get in.

  20. Transcript Divas - This company considers beginners. However, they reportedly receive quite a lot of applications per week. The company will contact you should they be interested in you through the phone.

  21. Transcription Express - This company is Arizona-based and is said to consider newbies but only in the US. The company reportedly allows transcriptionists to set their own hours and work just how they like.

  22. Transcription For Everyone - The company appears to be open for newbies but only those with strong grammar, computer, and research skills.

  23. Transcription Hub - The experience level is not listed but this company notes that newbies will have to take an evaluation before acceptance. This company also allows transcriptionists to work whenever they please.

  24. TranscriptionWing - This company looks like it accepts beginners but it is still important to indicate if you have done any type of transcription work in the past.

  25. Ubiqus - The company is said to hire for just about any type of transcription. The company will consider newbies that are able to type at over at least 70 wpm.

Getting into the whole transcription industry is tough at first and in order to do this, newbies need to be crafty to get their foot in the door. Although passion and hard work do come in handy, there are still a few more things that potential clients are looking for when it comes to transcription work.

Here are a few techniques to boost your credentials:

  • Take online classes that provide certificates

  • Take skills tests

  • Create an online portfolio of your sample work

  • Do low paying jobs that add to credentials

  • Put references in your other work experience

  • Make sure to note other transcription-related experiences

These are but a few ways to improve your credentials as a newbie in order for you to be not-so-far-away from the professional transcriptionists. Although the competition might be tough, there is still a way for newbie transcriptionists to enter the industry. Of course, last but not least, in order to improve or go further as a transcriptionist, newbies have to focus on their overall transcription skillset and transcription tools.

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