Top 20 Job Platforms To Find Transcription Jobs Worth Doing For Beginners And Professionals

Updated: Dec 23, 2020

Getting into the whole online transcription industry is not as hard as some people think. Although a number of people try to get in as a side-hustle or so that they may have something to do as a part-time job that helps them generate extra money, there is still a way to make a decent amount of money from transcription jobs.

Of course, at first, the rate starts off fairly low but as the transcriptionist garners years of experience, the pay naturally goes up. The difference between beginner online transcriptionists and professional transcriptionists is quite huge but in order to get the professional rate, it is still necessary to start somewhere.

Here are a few good job platforms to find entry-level transcription jobs:

  1. Crowdsurf – This job platform caters to different kinds of freelance work including online transcription. In order to use this platform, make sure to have a Work Market account and enjoy a rate of about $6 to $7 per hour.

  2. Appen – Read Appen Review – This company is actually more popular for other search engine evaluation related services but it is still possible to work as a transcriptionist for them even without prior experience.

  3. Pactera – This freelance job platform usually offers online transcription tasks every once in a while and does not require transcriptionists with experience. However, a test still needs to be taken as well as participation in training and certain guidelines should be followed.

  4. Ubiqus – Read Ubiqus Review – The company is open to hiring entry-level transcriptionists for all sorts of transcription jobs as long as they hit the minimum word count of 70 wpm.

Of course, looking for transcription jobs can also be done by looking at other general job posting websites. Although sometimes these job posting websites do not really offer online transcription jobs, they usually pop up every once in a while.

Here are a few job platforms that might have transcription jobs posting:

  1. Craigslist - One of the more popular job postings out there, Craigslist sometimes provides an online platform for people to post just about any type of work. Sometimes, there are online transcription jobs that are being posted on the website. The good thing about online transcription is that it is usually remote work. Playing around with craigslist’s location might show some online transcription work postings in other places.

  2. Upwork - Being the freelancer haven, sometimes Upwork has a need for transcribers but the downside is, it can be pretty competitive. The good side of this platform is that it pays pretty competitively for professional transcriptionists. The bad side, however, is that it is not as kind to beginners.

  3. Indeed - This platform sometimes presents online transcription jobs but is not solely focused on this profession. Although transcription jobs rarely pop up, when they do, they are usually for a more permanent position as opposed to a freelance project.

  4. - Just like the other platforms on this list, it is still a bit rare for there to be online transcription postings but when they appear, they usually offer more full-time positions as opposed to the part-time and freelance transcription jobs postings.

  5. - This job posting platform usually offers transcription jobs among other postings and in order to apply, most of the information is already given on the website. As for the skills required of the online transcriptionist, this completely depends on the job post itself.

  6. Flexjobs - This job posting platform also has a few postings regarding online transcription but this is a rare occurrence. It is advisable to check the website every once in a while for transcription jobs.

There are also sites/companies that actually focus directly on hiring professional transcriptionists. These companies pay relatively fair and although a little hard to get into, offer a great availability of transcription jobs either for extra money or as a main source of income.

Here are 10 different websites that focus solely on hiring professional transcriptionists:

  1. A & P Transcription – This company is always hiring qualified transcriptionists to join their team. Thus, depending on the experience, professionals getting in should not be a problem.

  2. AccuScribe Transcription – The only thing they require is a resume and cover letter to apply as well as professional experience as a transcriptionist. Of course, online transcription can be done remotely.

  3. Alice Darling Secretarial Services – A major requirement for their transcriptionists is the ability to type at 75 wpm and above. Although they are not always hiring, they sometimes have openings on the career page of their website.

  4. AlphaDog Transcription – The company only hires transcriptionists based on their experience so if applicants focus on entertainment transcription jobs, that’s most likely where they will be placed. The company is also only open to residents of the Los Angeles area for the home-based work-at-home position.

  5. Allegis Communications – Read Allegis Review – They occasionally hire transcriptionists to do 100 pages/week. The good thing about this company is that the payout is weekly and they only require at least two years of online transcription experience.

  6. Babbletype – Read Babbletype Review – They do not always have openings but when they do, it is usually either for transcriptionists or QA editors. Check the jobs page of their website for openings.

  7. Cambridge Transcription – This company is on the lookout for both legal and corporate transcriptionists with experience. Although the difficulty of getting in is not mentioned, the company seems to require significant experience to get in.

  8. Cyber Dictate – This company is currently on the look for professional transcriptionists from the US with enough experience in legal transcription.

  9. Dictate Express – This company focuses on legal transcription and requires applicants to have a minimum of at least two years of experience.

  10. eTranscription Solutions – Experience is needed for their transcriptionists. It is also a requirement for their transcriptionists to be able to type at the speed of 80 wpm. Other details can be found on their career page.

Getting a job as a transcriptionist is not as hard as it used to be back then due to the availability of online transcription job postings on multiple websites both focusing on transcription jobs or focusing on remote work in general.

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