5 Transcription Tips For Podcasters

Updated: Apr 21, 2021

In this day and age, podcasting has become very competitive and although the topic might be niche, chances are there are still a number of other podcasters doing the same thing. Due to this, the podcaster has to make use of any additional techniques in order to rank up their podcast and this includes the use of transcription.

Podcast transcription dives deeper into what the content is trying to say and due to this, transcription has been seen as another way to better promote the podcaster’s material. The thing about videos, in general, is that although they do contain words in the form of speech, they do not particularly show the search engine what words are being used. Google, the most popular search engine, doesn’t view every single video but instead keywords that are attached to the title, description, and a few others.

Having a transcription would allow the search engine to look into more than just what the title or description is saying but rather the content in itself. Due to the massive competition around podcasters, this is reason enough for the podcaster to include transcription in their work.

Podcast transcription tips:

1. Quality equipment

The use of quality equipment is very important not just for the transcription but also for the podcast itself. Better equipment isn’t just limited to a good microphone, this could even mean good headphones, using a good computer, and recording with a good recording device (if separate from the computer).

Of course, for those doing podcasts for quite a while now, the importance of good equipment is widely understood. However, for those new to the whole podcast world, there is budget equipment and software that can help enhance the quality of the podcast itself.

2. Transcription tool

Podcasting in itself is already very complicated and this is why a transcription tool can be used to achieve automated transcription. The podcaster shouldn’t be too invested in transcription that they forget about the quality of the outcome itself. However, the podcaster also can’t do the transcription in a way that wouldn’t come up with an unreadable transcript.

A transcription tool is a podcaster’s best friend since it not only provides automated transcription but also allows a platform where the podcaster can transcribe everything at once.

3. Good environment

This particular segment isn’t always given that much attention but working in an environment that promotes productivity is very important. While podcasts are usually creative work, transcription can be the opposite as it could be quite tiring at times and even repetitive later on.

While the podcast setup should be laxer and though inviting, the transcription setup, on the other hand, should allow the podcaster to focus on the task at hand without any interruption. Basically, the podcaster needs to work in a place that can allow them to focus on the transcription and the transcription alone.

4. Learn transcriptionist techniques

While a podcaster does not need to transition into becoming a full-pledged, transcriptionist, learning some details regarding transcription could allow the podcaster to not only get the transcription done but rather get the transcription done faster and more efficiently. A transcriptionist has a few easy to apply techniques like using the right transcription tool to provide an automated transcription that would help anyone transcribe their work more efficiently.

Transcription techniques span wide and far from the type of transcription tool to use, to other key things to look out for. Learning a thing or two could really help the podcaster transcribe more efficiently.

5. Outsource a transcriptionist

For those that aren’t able to do the transcription themselves, especially if the podcaster is also busy with other things, outsourcing a transcriptionist to do the job could save a huge amount of time and effort. Of course, the podcaster would then need to finance the transcriptionist in order to outsource the work.

For beginner podcasters, this is not advised since it would be an additional expense especially when the podcast is just starting out. For those doing the podcast out of passion, it might be better to use a transcription tool instead of outsourcing a transcriptionist.

For those starting out as a podcaster, getting the momentum rolling can be one of the hardest things to do. With a transcription provided, without the content being known, the podcast can attract new viewers and audiences. SEO is a tool that helps even beginner podcasters climb up the ladder by fully optimizing the podcast itself. With the help of transcription to improve the podcast SEO, the podcaster can tap into new markets in order to gain more traction for the podcast.

The easiest way for a podcaster to come up with transcription is through the use of a transcription tool that would provide an automated transcription for the podcaster to edit over. Since everything is done in one platform, this would allow the podcaster to save the trouble of having to do everything manually.

One reason why a number of podcasters opt not to put transcription on the podcast is because of the extra effort it takes in order to do this. However, with the right transcription tool, the amount of effort can be significantly reduced and the podcaster can come up with an automated transcription without having to put in the extra effort of having to tirelessly transcribe maybe hours' worth of podcasts.

While there are a number of podcasters out there that focus solely on podcasting and still make it to the top, for beginners, getting all the help as possible is probably the best way to advance to the top. For a podcaster to transcribe the podcast, it could take a significant chunk of time. However, the benefits could outdo the needed effort.

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