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Speed is the name of the game and AI Technology is the game of the future. We transcribe your audio/video files in an instant! Skip the word-for-word transcription process and go straight to the final edits.

02 / EASY

Copy. Paste. Click. Our easy-to-understand easy-to-use tool is simpler than navigating through Google Drive itself!


Save time. Make money. Double the income. Half the Workload. Our tool speeds up the entire process without compromising the quality of your work.  Low-cost guaranteed!


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Accuracy. Efficiency. Consistency. We offer transcribers the tool of a lifetime by helping them skip the word-for-word transcription and go straight to the final editing process. No file is too big and no audio too faulty for Izitext to handle. Focus on the final edits. Focus on what matters most.


To read is to believe. The quality of your content can only be appreciated by the level of understanding your audience has in your work. Izitext offers a shortcut to content creation and a skip button to the hassle of transcribing. In the end, the edits, the EMPHASIS, and the style are all you have to worry about.


Accuracy is the key to the truth. Our audio-to-text tool simplifies the workload for journalists in every field and around the world. Interviews and rigid audio files go in as the journalistic manuscript comes out.


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Izitext.io is a voice-to-text converting and editing tool that helps transcribers, podcasters, journalists, content creators boost up their productivity. 

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